Falls Prevention

Falls Prevention


The learner support materials will be made up of two workbooks that will cover:

Workbook 1
Unit 1: Falls in context

•  Understand falls within a health and social care context

•  Understand the impact and consequences of falls

•  Understand the benefits of falls awareness and prevention

•  Understand the legislation and guidance relating to falls and falls prevention

Unit 2: The risk factors and causes of falls

•  Know the factors that increase the likelihood of falls

•  Understand how falls may be caused by personal factors

•  Understand how falls may be caused by environmental factors

Workbook 2
Unit 3: Falls assessment and prevention

•  Understand how an individual’s risk of falls can be assessed, monitored and reviewed

•  Understand a range of effective interventions used to reduce the risk of falls

•  Understand multi-agency and specialist support available for falls prevention

Unit 4: Managing falls

•  Understand how to reduce the impact and minimise harm in the event of a fall

•  Understand role and responsibilities in falls situations and the importance of learning from falls to improve care

Course overview:

Falls represent the most frequent and serious type of accident in people aged 65 and over, with 10,000 falls happening each day. Falls often have both a physical and mental impact, as they can result in lack of confidence, isolation, fractures and broken bones. The purpose of this qualification is to increase learners’ awareness and understanding of falls and their prevention, which will allow them to progress into, or within, employment in healthcare or social care settings.

Key Information:
Awarding BodyCACHE
Course LevelLevel 2
FundingFully Funded
Learning Method(s)

Online assessment

Paper assessment

Course Duration8 Weeks
Eligibility Criteria:
Candidates must be aged 19 or over based on the academic year. 
Candidates must be employed or in receipt of benefits, evidence of this may be required. 
Candidates must have lived in the EU for the last 3 years. 
Candidates should inform We Find Any Learner of any other course/educational programme they may be studying. 
Please note we can only fund Distance Learners in England.