Challenging Behaviour

Challenging Behaviour


This course is split into four manageable units:

Workbook 1

Unit 1: Understand behaviour that challenges
Unit 2: Understand how to support positive behaviour
Unit 3: Understand the importance of effective communication
and the management of behaviour that challenges
Unit 4: Understand the role of reflection and support for those
involved in incidents of behaviour that challenges.

Course overview:

Challenging behaviour used to be called “problem behaviour” but it is important to realise that an individual who displays challenging behaviour is not a “problem to be fixed”. Challenging behaviour is a sign that something isn’t working for the individual and this may be a need that is not being met or an inability to communicate their feeling. Behaviour can be described as challenging if it causes harm to the individual or others, or prevents the individual from fulfilling some aspect of their life, such as education, work or relationships. Such behaviour is a challenge to parents, carers and professionals working in various sectors, including education, health and social care and public services.

Key Information:
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Course LevelLevel 2
FundingFully Funded
Learning Method(s)

Online assessment

Paper assessment

Course Duration9 Weeks
Eligibility Criteria:
Candidates must be aged 19 or over based on the academic year. 
Candidates must be employed or in receipt of benefits, evidence of this may be required. 
Candidates must have lived in the EU for the last 3 years. 
Candidates should inform We Find Any Learner of any other course/educational programme they may be studying. 
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