Working with Individuals with Learning Disabilities Level 2

Although individuals with learning disabilities and their families continue to face many challenges, most commentators would agree that we are living in more enlightened and optimistic times in terms of our approach to learning disability support. Individuals with learning disabilities are now being offered more personalised services with a greater emphasis on empowerment, active participation, and quality of life.

The learning materials for this qualification provide candidates with a thorough understanding of the principles of working with individuals with learning disabilities. Candidates will explore important themes, such as communication, human rights and inclusion, duty of care, advocacy, safeguarding, and the importance of positive risk-taking for people with learning disabilities.

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Course Duration

6 to 12 Weeks

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Course Content

  • Gives employees a high standard of learning
  • Relevant to a variety of people and settings
  • Provides assurance of well-trained employees
  • Improves your team’s understanding of learning disabilities
  • Creates better preventative care