Understanding Technology Enabled Care Level 2

This qualification helps you understand the positive impact technology can have on people and the improvements it can make to their quality of life. You will learn about different types of TEC available and how they can support people’s independence and well-being.

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Course Delivery


Course Duration

6 to 12 Weeks

Awarding Body


Course Content

Unit 1: Understand legal, ethical, and regulatory requirements relating to TEC.

  • Section 1: Identify legislation that could impact on the use of TEC
  • Section 2: Explain the ethical and regulatory frameworks that may impact on using TEC in health and social care
  • Section 3: Identify the principles of data protection and information governance in relation to TEC.

Unit 2: Understand the principles of safeguarding relating to TEC.

  • Section 1: Identify the principles of safeguarding
  • Section 2: Explain the principles of safeguarding for individuals using TEC
  • Section 3: Explain the importance of consent and capacity and how they may impact on the individual
  • Section 4: Identify issues around an individual’s right to privacy when using TEC
  • Section 5: Identify different sources of information and support available to safeguard the individual while using TEC.

Unit 3: Understand risks associated with TEC.

  • Section 1: Identify risks associated with the use of TEC
  • Section 2: Explain the risks associated with the purchase of TEC
  • Section 3: Describe how to overcome the risks identified.