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6 to 12 Weeks

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Allergy Awareness for those Working in the Service Sector Level 2

Welcome to the Allergy Awareness course for those working in the service sectors. As a professional in the service industry, it is important to be aware of allergies and their potential risks to customers. Allergies affect a significant number of people, with food allergies alone affecting up to 2% of adults and 8% of children in the UK. As such, it is crucial that those working in service sectors such as catering, hospitality, and retail are knowledgeable and prepared to deal with allergy-related situations.

This course has been designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of allergies and how to manage them effectively in your workplace. You will learn about the different types of allergens, and how to recognise common symptoms of allergic reactions. You will also learn about the legal requirements for managing allergies in the service industry, including food labelling and packaging regulations.

In addition, the course covers how to reduce the risk of cross-contamination, how to provide first aid in the event of an allergic reaction.

How do learners benefit?

This course offers multiple benefits to learners, such as improving their understanding of allergies and how to recognize and manage allergic reactions effectively.

It equips learners with knowledge and skills to ensure customer safety and legal compliance, including communication skills for allergen management.

Completing the course demonstrates a commitment to professional development, leading to increased confidence in managing allergies and a greater sense of job satisfaction.