Digital Marketing Level 2

This qualification aims to introduce learners to concepts of digital promotion that can be used in a business setting. This course will help marketers be able to plan, implement, and measure the impact of their digital strategies and integrate them with their traditional marketing and business goals.

Course Fees


Course Delivery

Digital or Paper-based

Course Duration

8 to 12 Weeks

Awarding Body


Course Content

  • Digital promotion for business
  • Understanding search engine optimisation for business
  • Coordinating the use of digital media for business
  • Coordinating offline and digital media for business
  • Emergent digital techniques for business
  • Producing digital promotional content for business
  • Data protection and digital media for business
  • Measuring the effectiveness of digital promotional activity for business
  • Understanding social media
  • Email campaigns for business promotion
  • Mobile phone applications for business
  • Online reputation management
  • Using the internet to raise funds and outsource business functions.